time with the heroine; Seli relishing her dream as CEO of Selion FC

Esther Atutornu, CEO of Selion Football Club 

The interest of women in sports across the globe is a delight and the evidence from the participation of young and enterprising women in leadership of the world renowned sport is glaring.

From the ages right up to the 21st century, football as a game has seen women rising up and taking the bold step to front what is seen as a male dominated industry; occupying delicate, crucial and most sensitive positions in the world of football.

In Africa, a lot of female names have popped up with some becoming the head of country's football associations whilst other female personalities such as Barbara Gonzalez (CEO of Simba Sports Club in Tanzania), Anisha Muhoozi who is the CEO of Kampala City Authority FC and the very own Fatma Samoura serving as FIFA's General Secretary have gone on to become members of FIFA and football executive administrators over the time.

It is not too often said that, women has the strength to turn things around when it comes to football administration. But the fact remains women in the football world have gained the needed recognitions and the impact made on the sport, have been highly commended by all and sundry.

Esther Seli Atutornu, one of the youngest football administrators who has taken the bold step in the world of football, having decided to step in the big shoes of her dad, Harry Atutornu (of blessed memory) is making waves with her club Selion FC.

Developing the interest of becoming a young CEO of the division two club in Ho started from the moment she discovered herself loving the game and also, ensuring her dad's legacy stays forever.

Asked how she conceived the dream to have a male's football team, Seli as she is affectionately called said "I have always had the passion for football since childhood and also, mainly to continue the legacy of my dad"

Becoming the only female in a male dominated environment to own a club, Seli who despite does not feel threatened to become one of the best football administrators in Africa admitted to some difficulties at the start of realizing her dream but for her able management led by Robert Valentine Gbeze, Emil Atando and others, she settled so well.

"In the beginning, it was a bit difficult but with the help of my board I have gained lots of experience which has made things easy"

Selion Football Club has positioned itself to receive the needed attention from cooperate bodies and the likes. With the emergence of transformation coupled with the modernized club branding and marketing, Selion FC has remained on the top as a division two club with the highest recognition in club branding and marketing.

With the attribution, Seli told 24hourssports.com how she was able to put up a team of management to reach this level and a privilege she was to have people who understands player management, branding etc. 

"I was privileged to have people who had more knowledge and insight about football (player management, branding, sponsorship etc) when I took over the team.

Even though the club became attracted to many investors and the cooperate world, the team did not transform same recognition into games, admitting to this, Seli revealed the measures the management has put in place to ensure this season, the target to qualify to the middle league is achieved.

"Last seasons target was to qualify for the middle league, get to the quarter final of the FA cup at least but unfortunately things didn't go as planned. This season measures have been put in place to ensure that last seasons targets would be achieved"

For a young girl from Honuta in the Ho West District, Seli the CEO of Selion FC is currently reading BSc Accounting at the University of Professional Studies in Accra.

Her great passion for sport has seen her continue her dad's legacy as a football administrator


  1. Proud of you dear@ Seli.. keep doing the good work for Dad and country.

  2. Mr Robert Gbeze has been doing great job for selion fc from day one.

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