Volta FA announces a 200k Div 1 club relocation fee

Volta FA chair, Mr. Daniel Agbogah delivering his key note address during the division two Congress held Mawuli Senior High School Assembly Hall yesterday.

The Volta Regional Football Association at its Congress held yesterday Thursday 21st December, announced a fee of 200,000 Ghana Cedis for any club who gains promotion to division 1 and wants to relocate.

The chairman, Mr. Daniel Agbogah made this known at the annual regional division two Congress that saw respective clubs in full attendance.

"Any team who gains promotion and wants to relocate to another region will have to pay Gh¢200,000.00 to the regional FA after qualifying from the region to Division one League."

It's been rumoured clubs who only wish to have an easy access to the national division one used the Volta FA's organized division two league as a by-pass and further leave by transferring the team to other regions. Despite no records of such has surfaced in the region, the long rumored has existed and has gained grounds with new teams who gains promotion to the division one league are alleged to leave.

Volta region's league has received a level of prominence over the the past two years, this has brought attention to the league as it is regarded as one of the best regional league in the country.

Mr. Daniel Agbogah led administration in his mandate as the boss of the Volta Regional FA has put in place some measures to see Volta football rise over the years he has led the association.

The introduction of the Regional FA goes as one of the best implementation to develop football in the region. Speaking on the maiden regional FA cup played last season, the football administrator said despite the low patronage last season, the flagship competition has come to stay and will continue unabated.

"The maiden FA Cup recorded low interest in patronage. The competition has come to stay and it must be taken with keen interest"

Amongst other issues discussed at the congress held at the Mawuli Senior High School Assembly Hall, nine clubs who gained promotion to the division two was duly admitted into the regional division two league. Eight other clubs has been relegated to division three.

A new date, 22nd January 2023 has been proposed and accepted for the start of the division two league in Volta Region.

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