Brazil's samba football leaves them in quarters

Croatia beat Brazil 4-2 on penalties to qualify for semi final of the FWC 

In what is Brazil's greatest upset ever in a World Cup was their elimination by Croatia during the quarter final berth. Not even the 2014 7-1 anhiliation by Germany could leave them in pains than the Croatians penalty triumph leading to their quarter final exit.

Team Brazil could have won the best dancers should that become an award to take in the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Brazil's last winning the World Cup was 20 years ago (2002). That World Cup trophy was their record fifth trophy as they become the only country to win the World Cup 5 times.

Who would have thought that, with all the promising and potential winners of the Ballon d'Or players in the squad, the quarter final will be the end of journey of the 'seleção Canarihno'!

Brazil's run in the FIFA World Cup quarter and semi finals for the past 20yrs have been shrewd with heartbreaks coming from European countries.

Their unable to beat any European country since 20yrs remains a mystery and the quest to find an antidote in all these years have become a puzzle.

A 1-0 defeat by France in 2006, followed by 2-1 loss to Netherlands in 2010 only to make it worse by a heavy defeat to Germany in 2014 on their home soil was the greatest they could take as fate remains unfriendly to the Samba boys in 2018, having lost to Belgium 2-1. 

Croatia with their beautiful women in the stands supporting their men on the pitch had to wait till penalty shootouts before eliminating Brazil 4-2. 

Brazil has played in all FIFA World Cups as they hope to come back stronger in next 4years.

Aside Brazil having the most FIFA World Cup trophies, Germany and Italy comes second with 4 each. Argentina, France and Uruguay have managed 2 as England and Spain could console themselves win 1 each. Qatar 2022 becomes the 22nd edition of the FWC.

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