Exclusive: aftermath of Black Stars WC group exit; Otto Addo speaks


Otto Addo resigns from the BS coaching job following a defeat to Uruguay in the FWC 

It was the hope of every Ghanaian to see the Black Stars reach a higher level of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. 

Black Stars look very promising despite their loss to Portugal. The win against the Asian side, South Korea restored hopes in the numerous of people supporting the team; never in the minds of people that, the Black Stars final group game against a side we have so much to settle with, will end a disaster.

All hell broke loose, Andre Dede Ayew became the talking points on the lips of many around the world after the penalty miss. A draw would have seen Black Stars among other qualified teams in the round of 16 stage of the FWC.

Sadly, we missed a penalty in the regulation time, the spirit of the team reduced to zero, Uruguay took advantage of our disturbance from the penalty miss to score two quick goals in the first half to leave us out of the mundial.

A 24hourssports.com reporter in Qatar, Adu Gyamfi Samuel in an exclusive interview with Otto Addo shared more insights to the developing stories in Qatar. Otto Addo spoke on his resignation and his future as a coach.

Below is the full interview with Otto Addo by Adu Gyamfi Samuel, 24hourssports.com reporter.

AGS : Adu Gyamfi Samuel (24hourssports.com reporter)

OA: Otto Addo (Black Stars Coach)

AGS: Thank you coach for accepting to speak with 24hourssports.com

OA: Welcome! but I will be glad if we can make it snappy (smiled)

AGS: Sure! How do you feel as a coach of the BS exiting after the group stage, what's the regret?

OA: Yes, it's sad, the feeling is very regrettable, I expected us to do better than what we have done, our expectation at the world cup was to reach far beyond where we got to, so I feel sad as the coach of the team just like any other person supporting us.

AGS: Alot of concerns were raised by Ghanaians that, you called some players who don't deserve a place in the team, could you say that was the reason you failed to reach your expected target?

OA: (smiled) it is normal for people to criticize you on your actions, our jobs as a coach will be like that always, I called players I believe can help me in Qatar, the players I called was as a result of the meeting I had with my other coaches, as Chris Hughton was the technical advisor, we believe we called the players who are able to help us, unfortunately we didn't reach our goals, but I am proud of the boys, for what they did and the performance they put up in our games, I'm proud of them for playing their hearts out. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I welcome all in good faith.

AGS: Dede's penalty miss, many are saying was the reason we lost to Uruguay, do you agree also?

OA: Yes I agree, the boys suddenly became very down, I want to believe the memories of 2010 got them so down, our opponent realized how disorganized we have become and took advantage of us, as a coach, I could really do little from where I stood, I had to shout on them to pick up, but it didn't work, I had to wait till half time, despite we were down, our opponent couldn't score again in the second half, this means if we were stronger in the first half after the penalty loss, a draw could have been the case for us.

AGS: Did you go into the game with the mind of drawing against Uruguay?

OA: No, not at all, we could beat them, but a draw atleast wouldn't have been bad for us since that would have qualifed us atleast.

AGS: You announced immediately after the game that you are no longer going to coach the team, were you avoiding a sack from the GFA?

OA: Hahaha, a sack? No, me and the football association (GFA) had an agreement that, I will resign after the WC. It interesting to hear people say I am resigning because of our bad performance. I didn't believe we perform that bad and my resignation is because I still have a contract with Borussia Dortmund and I was only given up to 6 months to be with the team. So my resignation was well known even before the WC by GFA.

AGS: Who would you recommend for GFA to replace you since you are going?

OA: GFA is capable of getting someone of their own, they came for me because they knew I could help the team reach the WC, same way I believe they will take their time and get a replacement. But then, we still have Chris Hughton who played a vital role only few knew about, the other assistants have been fantastic, so yes, the BS still got abled men to continue from where I left, I know they can do a great job.

AGS: Are you indirectly saying Chris Hughton should replace you?

OA: (smiled) if that's how you understand it, that's fine.

AGS: I would love us continue this interview, but I can understand yo don't have time

OA: We will do this another time, thanks for having me.

AGS: It's my pleasure. All the best coach.

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