Video: watch how US President announced USA victory over Iran

USA beat Iran 1-0 to book their round of 16 qualification in the FWC.

The United State of America president, Joe Biden took to the podium to announce their country's win over Iran on Tuesday's final group B games.

The president joined a large crowd who were gathered to catch a glimpse of the match. A 1-0 win for the North American country propelled them to the round of 16 stage of the World Cup.

Celebrating the win, the excited president chanted 'USA' as a sign of victory. The crowd were also heard in the video chanting same to show support to the gallant players for making their country proud.

A goal well delivered by Christian Pulisic leaves USA second on the table with 5 points. They cruised to the next stage of the FIFA World Cup with England topping the group with 7 points and 7 goals.

Watch the video below

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