meet all three teams from Volta Region to play in the National Division 1 league


The National Division One league is billed to start across all the league centers in the country.

Division one is the second largest league in Ghana. Its competitiveness is also regarded as the strongest league with teams grouped in 3 zones.

Three teams from Volta Region will be in action in the 2022/23 league seasons. This becomes the first time Volta region is producing three teams  to play in division one. Teams include Kpando Heart of Lions, Akatsi All Stars and newly promoted side, Volta Rangers.

Akatsi All Stars defied all odds to survive the 2021/22 league season, having placed 6th on the league table last year. delve into all three teams from Volta Region.

Kpando Heart of Lions.

The Kpando based club is the most experienced division one team from the Volta Region. Their participation in the first division started from 2015 after they were relegated from the Ghana Premier league. The quest to qualify back to the Ghana premier league have been on course as the Akpini lads under the tutelage of Dr. Randy Abbey, made several attempts to qualify but for the abrogation of the league in the Ana's exposè and the COVID 19 pandemic denied them qualification.

Heart of Lions were among the favourites to qualify to the Ghana premier league last season but got points deduction after fielding unqualified player.

This year, the team is hoping to make another attempt in the quest of qualifying to the Ghana's premier league this season.

Akatsi All Stars.

Akatsi All Stars made history as the only surviving club from division two in the national division one league as a debutant. The support for the team from their followers in and around Akatsi and Volta region helped the club to soldier on by placing 6th on the table last season. It is expected that, the Miantor Miatoe lads will repeat same feat by working hard to remain in the 2022/23 league.

Volta Rangers.

The people's club sealed their qualification in a grand style without losing in the Volta regional division two middle league, announcing their presence since last season, Volta Rangers tried to qualify to division one but got denied by their foes, Akatsi All Stars.

A stupendous performance from the Kodjobi lads in the 2021/22 season saw them got promoted. 

They will use the Ho Sports Stadium as their home ground with the expected football loving fans trooping the stadium to support the lads. Volta Rangers will hope to raise the bar set by Akatsi All Stars as a debutant club to have remained in the division one league.

Football in Volta Region is gradually taking shape as the target is to see most second division teams from Volta Region gaining promotion to the national division one league.

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