Vora's double sees off Roberto while Agbogba and Young Dessert Warriors clash rained off

Vora delivers two strokes pass Roberto FC 

It was a restoration of hope for all fans of Vora Football Club after beating their foes 2-0 at the Ho Sports Stadium in the match day 3 of the Volta FA middle league.

The old ladies of Volta football started the game with a high pressing to have an opener but missed couple of chances up front

Vora in the 44' made their intention known through Emmanuel Adams who made no mistake to burry the ball in the net to set the stadium ablazed.

Roberto's attempt to equalise before recess failed to materialized as Ebenezer Kini's timely intervention parried the ball to a throw.

It was Roberto FC taking charge in the second half as they bossed the midfield in the quest to find a leveler, but Vora's defense got busy to ensure a clean sheet was kept.

Striker Atsu Nunana benefitted from a counter attack thus placing the ball behind the on rushing goal keeper to double Vora's lead in the 83'

Meanwhile, Agbogba and Young Desert Warriors epic clash was rained off. They make a date on June 30 at 9am .

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