Vora stunned by Young Desert while highly rated Agbogba draws in middle league opener

Vora beaten by Young Desert Warriors in first game of the Volta FA middle league at the Ho Sports Stadium (photo credit: Adjivic)

The Volta FA middle league kicked off with group A teams taking the center stage. The old ladies of Volta football, Vora FC lost 1-0 to Young Desert Warriors in the much anticipated match opener.

Vora's attacks in the first half looks dangerous as they kept pushing for a goal but Desert Warriors defense were equally to the test.

A 50' minute strike from Young Desert Warriors became the only goal to break the camel's back. A goal well delivered by captain Chris Kwaku Ansah ended the story in the 90'.

Meanwhile, a fancied Agbogba FC failed to make their fans happy after disappointingly drawing goalles with under dogs, Roberto FC.

Roberto FC failed to convert their spot kick in the 25' as goal got denied by the post.

Young Desert Warriors leads group A with 3 points leaving behind Agbogba FC and Roberto FC with one point each. Vora has no point and a goal deficit.

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