Match Reports: Home Stars disposes Selion FC in match opener; Volta Rangers picks resounding victory as new entrants White Dove shares spoils with Tsame Young Stars


Home Stars cruised to a 3-0 win over Selion FC in match day one of the Volta Regional Div 2 league

The Volta Regional Div 2 league games jets off with interesting scorelines in various league centers.

At the Ho Sports Stadium, Home Stars put up a deserving display to humiliate their opponent in a fashionable style, beating them 3-0 in the process. Selion FC failed to come to the party with no goal on target.

Earlier, new entrants, White Dove held experienced Tsame Young Stars to a goalless draw. The Doves missed glorious opportunities to take the lead, but all efforts wasted.

Meanwhile, Volta Rangers at Abutia had no mercy for Prestige after a 2-0 thumping against the Abutia lads.

Vora SC on Saturday sat at home to draw level with Freedom Fighters. Both ended the game with a 2-2 scoreline in the match week 1 fixture.

At the Northern Sectors, a number of goals were recorded as Hands Are Blessed were indeed blessed with a 2-1 win against Young Dragons who were taught to become 'Old'.

Southern Sectors were not left out in the match week 1 where Iron breakers failed to break the iron this time after losing 0-2 at home. have compiled all the league results in match day one of the Volta Regional Div 2 league.

Volta Regional Division Two League

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