critical stakeholder of sports promotion is the media - Ampofi Junior

Mr. Kwame Ampofi Junior, seated left with chairman of the Sports Writers Association of Ghana - Volta, Eric Eli Adzie

The Deputy Director of the National Sports Authority in charge of Technical, Mr. Kwame Ampofi Junior has on Monday 7th March met the media in and around Ho as part of spending the holidays in the Regional capital.

In what was a good time spent, Mr. Ampofi Junior who was also the former Regional Director for the NSA Volta highlighted on a number of issues during his tenure.

He said sports development and promotion requires a team work. Buttressing his point, he made a case of the fact that, sports cannot be developed solely, as the involvement of the media plays a key role in the development of sports.

"Sports development and promotion is a team work, and the critical stakeholder is the media, because where the engagement will not be happening to stimulate the interest of the sports, you would need the media to channel it there be it visual, print or whatever and that is why we cannot do without the media"

Mr. Ampofi in his address noted that, Volta region is a unique region blessed with what he described as an  'aboundace of natural talents' reacting to this, the deputy director said, the sectors he has surveyed while he was the regional director and few platforms integrated, is blessed with youthful population with interest in varieties of sporting disciplines

"Volta Region is a unique region, it seem to have aboundace of natural (raw) talents, it's a youthful populated region. With the few survey when I took over, I went to the northern Sector, went to the middle belt zone and the southern zone, the few platforms I managed to integrate into, I realised that Volta region is blessed with youthful population and they all seem to be interested in one sport or the other"

"So it behooved on us the actors to then quickly aligned ourselves as to how best we can integrate our efforts to advance this common interests of our youths. We started with the formation of fast tracking with the regional and district sports committees"

Adopting an aggressive structure and strategy to put Volta Region on the map, Mr. Ampofi revealed that, during his tenure as the regional director, there were calculated conscious efforts meted out to ensure, Volta Region does well at the regional level in all competitions.

In the Regional games he has led the region to, Mr. Ampofi Junior stated that, the region became 3rd and 4th in the years he served as the regional director.

"We started first with the cross country invite, along the line, getting means of transport became difficult, I had to rush to my bankers get my own personal money and then fuel the bus and we left. Our first appearance we came fourth, the second we came third with that aggressive structures and strategies with everyone being on board" he said.

The meeting was an initiative of the leadership of Sports Writers Association of Ghana - Volta.

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