merging real estate business with sports development; Adonai Estate Limited setting the pace

Mr. Bright Charis Adonai is the CEO of Adonai Estate Limited who is changing the narrative as a real estate developer and investing hugely in sports development in the Volta Region

Sports is arguably the most selling commodity in the world, its existence have brought joy to many around the globe and the entertainment it brings have helped reduce stress in the lives of people.

Sports have served the world and is continuously improving the lives of many people such that, the boosting of economic benefits have enure to several advantages to cooperate institutions and businesses in recent times.

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With the adoption of some various sporting disciplines such as, volleyball, basketball, tennis, soccer etc, the industry have one way or the other created financial gains to these business institutions as means of staying in business. Sports as a science has become the model under which several business institutions tend to adopt to render their services and bring their clients, potential clients closer.

Sadly, not all business institutions have been able to align their businesses with sporting events; either through sponsorship, or creating a conducive environment for sports developments. This however have seen many such businesses not able to market their services through sports thus failing to make the needed profits or breakeven in businesses.

Adonai Estate Limited, the fastest growing real estate company in the Volta Region has over the time been able to link sports to her real estate business, keeping in touch with its clients and connecting with new clients through sports.

The birth of Adonai Estate Limited has been in operation since 2014 and from its humble beginning, have proven beyond every doubt its preparedness to align itself with modern trend of staying in business and sports is one of the means adopted.

Speaking exclusively with the Chief Executive Officer of Adonai Estate Limited, Mr. Bright Charis Adonai, told, his interest in sports and the willingness of Adonai Estate Limited helping the young ones harness their talents in all sporting disciplines.

"When it comes to sports in the region, I think it is one key area we need to look at in other to promote the region and I think we have a lot of talented guys in the region which we need to identify such people and also push them"

"Me personally, as the CEO of the company I like bringing up young ones, at least if they are also doing well, I'm sure this region will change and so one area I feel we should look at is sports"

With the aim of ensuring golf as a sport is pushed further to bring both local and foreign investors into the region, the company has for itself created the largest golf course in Ghana with an unprecedented 18 holes golf course to its credit.

"Golf City Estate is as a result of the 18 holes golf course we have created which is the largest in the country, the vision is to bring investors into the region. There are people who are so much interested in golf, and if we are able to build a nice golf course, we will attract foreign investors with the aim of hosting international golf tournaments in the future"

With the establishment of the Adonai golf course, the company's aim is to have a well planned golf city that will serve as reasons for potential clients to own and build on their land properties within the Adonai Golf City Estate.

"We really want to have a well planned city which we believe that, one of the key thing that can interest people to even come and own properties here is the golf course, that's how come we started with that"

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Adonai Estate Limited is currently building an ultra modern basketball court, a standardized tennis court, volley ball court and an astro turf football pitch. The company has the aim of having a sporting complex where talents identification will be key in promoting the young ones.

"We are planning to have the Adonai Sports Academy, we are going to train a lot of people when it comes to other sports disciplines, it's going to be like a school where we will identify talents and try to promote them" he said.

Merging real estate development with sports, Mr. Bright Adonai disclosed that, over a million Ghana cedis has already been spent on the sporting infrastructure. This he said, the love for the region is the ultimate aim Adonai Estate Limited has decided to help produce sports talents by building sporting infrastructure.

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"You know, everything is money and in fact this project we are doing in terms of the sports is huge and is over 1 million Ghana cedis and that's so much money but we are trusting God to do it because it is for the love of the region"

Despite the challenges it has faced, Adonai Estate Limited has stood the test of time and since the company's incorporation, over 4000 litigation free lands are sold across the Volta Region in notable areas such as Ho, Hohoe, Sogakope etc.

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