Enam Dagadu petitions President of Ghana Boxing Authority

Dagadu Foster Enam is the president of Ghana Boxing Authority for Volta and Oti Regions

The president of the Volta and Oti Ghana Boxing Authority, Mr. Dagadu Foster Enam has petitioned the president of Ghana Boxing Authority to investigate reasons why Nathaniel Nukpe was introduced as a Togolese.

It will be recalled that, Nathaniel Nukpe and Robert Quaye had a bout in the UBO Super Lightweight Division at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel in Accra, in the said bout, Nathaniel Nukpe who was introduced prior to his appearance in the ring as a Togolese also had a Togolese national anthem played for him.

According to a statement released by the regional Boxing Authority president, he petitioned that, what transpired at the event be investigated by the mother body of the Boxing Authority.

"I would like to appeal to you and your office to investigate the reason why a boxer from Volta Region was introduced as a Togolese or from Republic of Togo to the extent that, Togo national anthem was played for him before the bout" part of the statement read.

Enam according to the statement, expressed disappointment of the boxer's money due him has not been paid and wish to call on the Ghana Boxing Authority President to intervene as the promoters are also called to render an unqualified apology to the said boxer and the people of Volta and Oti regions.

"Moreover, the boxer has also reported to me that, money due him has not been paid as at now, I am requesting that, the promoters are called to book and render apologies to the regional boxing authority and to the people of Volta and Oti Region."

Ace Power Boxing Promotions is understood to have organised the bout involving Robert Quaye and Nathaniel Nukpe on October 5, 2021.

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