Raymond Kudjoe Tsiagbe calls for support to sports development in Volta Region


Raymond Kudjoe Tsiagbe, journalist and head of Sports, Swiss FM

A renowned sports journalist and a host to Swiss Sports Classic on Swiss FM has reiterated the need to sports development through support from leaders of the region.

In a lengthy write up christined 'A stitch In Time Saves Nine' shared on his Facebook handle, the head of Sports on Swiss FM highlighted the recent football activities by both the Volta Regional Football Association and the Ho Municipal Football Association organization of the Regional Middle League and Municipal Middle League respectively and how he attributed the level of patronage by the sports loving people who thronged the Ho sports stadium to witness what many say has never happened in Volta Football.

He made a strong case by the virtues of the burden talents the region has and with the right approach to sports development, these talents will be able to justify themselves on all level grounds in sports World.

Efo Qudjoe as he is known by the social media world, says it's time for the leaders to come to the aid of the youths by building sporting facilities and repairing the dilapidated ones in the region to accelerate the growth and development of sports in the region.

Read in full, the write up of Efo Qudjoe.

“A Stitch in Time Saves Nine”

As a young boy after SSS, I had the opportunity to apply to become a Nurse and was duly scheduled for the usual Interview before the final admission. It was at the interview that I was asked to complete this saying ‘A stitch in time saves....’ 

Ladies and Gentlemen I couldn’t answer till I got home and asked my dad and he helped me with it. 


I was wondering the importance of that question after the interview but growing up, I realized it's a daily life walking tool. 

The Volta region has been on the downside when it comes to Sports Development for several years now with a lot of frustrations poured out by the youths as they grow with their talents going unharnessed. 

But this year 2021, we ve seen a certain cloud that has over shadowed the interest and love from the people of the Volta Region in terms of Sports dripping down and serving the sporting fraternity a new dawn of refreshing Attitude, Passion and Love. 

Football arguably has been the biggest selling commodity in terms of entertainment in the region especially the Regional Capital, Ho this year. 

The Volta Regional Football Association Division Two League, Ho Municipal Football Association's Juvenile and Division Three League Finales recorded impressive numbers not seen before for over decades respectively Ho Sports Stadium providing us a platform to enjoy Football, Entertainment and improve economically, something that has eluded the region for some time now. 

If there was a time to save nine, it is now because the region boast of very minimal industrialized Sector and with the numerous youth blessed with lots of talents, the little we can do is to ride on the love shown by the people of Volta Region for Football this year to start a Sports Industry to propel an enterprising future. 

The Volta Region Caucus of Members of Parliament in the legislature House must as a matter of urgency refocus their strengths on pushing the agenda to give facelift to our old Sports Infrastructures and provide new facilities to enable the teaming talents have a platform to develope. 

For Christ sake, the Ho Sports Stadium needs a renovation and it must be done now!

The MMDCEs should make it a priority to create community sports infrastructure play ground for all districts and municipalities. This gives anyone with talent to have confident and easy access to develope as well. 

We are not asking for much our Mayors! Enough of the “Konyifafa” lamenting, we've heard them for far too long. Make a stitch now. 

Now some of our Chiefs have become puppets to the greedy and selfish Politicians who lie their way to Power to the detriment of their followers. This is the time our Chiefs must rise and be heard fighting for equal opportunities to be given to the people of Volta Region and Ho. 

They must hold the politicians to their words and also provide all the necessary support to the youth because without them, they are simply powerless. 

The cry of their members have fallen to deaf ears for years and that must stop because one day they may rise against the same power given them. 

The Clergy these days only think about how much Tithe, Offertory and Seeds being given in church than how the talents in their churches are developed. 

The churches in this region mostly only think about themselves and their progress shying away from adding their voices to the disappointments our Political Leaders rob in the faces of the teaming youth yet they call upon us to pray for the same leaders every time.  

Enough of the monetizing of the church Mr. Clergy Man! The time has come for you to fight for your youthful members because without them you may have to preach to the chairs and tables. 

A whole year of Spiritual and money emphasis but not even a single day is dedicated to even a health walk to even boast the confident of that Cross Country athlete in the church. You have a role to play as churches and you must start rethinking about your schedules before we all run out of services. 

The youths in the region made their statement as they poured out to the Ho sports Stadium this year for every single match played, the rest is in the hands of the stakeholders. 

Don’t continue disappointing the youths for they are tomorrow leaders who will rule your Great Grand Children. 

A Stitch in Time indeed Saves Nine! Lets save Volta Region Sports Now! 

Te Quiero! Te Quiero! Te Amo ✌🏼

Ho Municipal Football Association

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