Prof Omotayo bemoans improper observatory of grassroot football in the country

Professor Oluwaseyi Olanrewaju Omotayo (Department of Sports and Exercise, Medical Science, School of Sports and Exercise and Medicine, UHAS) 

Grassroot football is an essential aspect of football development in every country. It has become a common knowledge in the football industry that, every best player in the world has passed through the stages of being a grassroot footballer. 

A country like Germany has become one great nation whose football development is based on grassroot football, the availability of football infrastructure to bring out the best in young footballers has become phenomenon over the years.

Football academies to provide the basic football knowledge and skills to the young ones have helped nations like Germany, England, Netherlands, Brazil, Portugal etc to continuously avert their authorities in football development by providing world class football players.

Africa is understood to be lagging behind in football development. The practice of football as means of producing talents in the sub Saharan region has not match that of Europe, South America and the  Asian continents. The adverse effect it has brought to the African continent is poor performances in world mundial such as the World Cup and Olympic games where African contingents performs poorly.

Addressing the issue of grassroot football in the studios of Swiss FM sports show dubbed Swiss Sports Classic, the host, Foster Osei also known as Prezo sought the views from Professor Oluwaseyi Olanrewaju Omotayo (Department of Sports and Exercise, Medical Science, School of Sports and Exercise and Medicine, UHAS) whose opinion stated is the lack of proper observation. Explaining further, Prof Omotayo believes the country lacks what is called sports talents observatory where personnel are unable to bid time to do proper observation on young talents.

"We are not setting up enough observatory, the observatory is not there. There's no way we can see the talents and if you don't see the talents, we cannot identify the talents and then, the replenishment stock would be affected. 

Suggesting the way forward, Professor Oluwaseyi opined that, the informal methods of unearthing talents needed programing, this he hope can enable the respective association responsible for bringing out talents to enroll a proper check in the grassroot football development.

"Some of the grassroot football competition are informal, what is important is that, they must be programmed. In the sense that, whenever there is any football competitions, the GFA who is responsible for football development in Ghana are hinted and when they come to such grassroot competition across the regions in Ghana, they will definitely find some talents who will now be replenishing the stock of those that have passed the grassroot stages by leaving for Europe where professionalism is striving very high"

UHAS in partnership with the National Sports Authority have come up with a two day workshop for sports administrators and coaches. The workshop which is targeted at doing a post mortem on Ghana's participation in the just ended Olympic games in Tokyo where Ghana as a country badly fared amassing only a medal in all competition.

The workshop will also focus on the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth games, the 2023 All African games to be hosted in Ghana and the 2024 Paris Olympic games which Ghana is expected to participate.

The two day workshop starts from 4th to 5th November, 2021 at the Cedi Auditorium UHAS campus in Ho. Fee per participant is GH¢350.00


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