From Volta Academy to Nkoranza Warriors; Kojo Deladem tells his story


Kojo Deladem, Nkoranza Warriors midfielder

Most footballers across the globe in the bid to reach the top level of their career had to suffer series of hard times in their footballing life. That of Kojo Deladem, his willingness to hit the higher height as a footballer has been met with difficulties that which did not deter him from achieving his goals.

A time with Raymond Kudjoe Tsiagbe on Thursday's edition of Swiss Sports Classic monitored by, the versatile player shared his story and how he battled with injury in his career as a player. 

Kojo Deladem, is a product of Volta Academy, a colts football team in his home town, Togorme. Having rise from colts football through to becoming a Division 1 player who currently  plays with  Nkoranza Warriors, Kojo Deladem tells his story how it all started.

"I played colts football called Volta Academy in my village, Togorme. I had to stop football after playing colts, my mum always tells me there is no one to support me because of money. The only option was to further my education, meanwhile I see the education not the best for me so it was a footballer I wanted to be"

"Not interested to continue my education became an issue between myself and the rest of the family especially from my mum's side. According to them, they claimed there were a lot of footballers in the family, but none was able to make it because of financial issues".

Deladem who could not stand the pressure from the family left to school in Kpong. After school, Kanté as he is popularly called fully decided to become a footballer after receiving one of the best words of encouragement from his teacher.

"So I went to school at Kpong, in my final year, one of the teachers called me and said I can make it as a footballer, all I have to do is to be strong and work hard. The words of encouragement kept pushing me to succeed, so after school, I decided to play football without continuing to the tertiary (Accra Poly)"

Recounting his days with Akosombo Krystal Palace, Kojo Deladem who had to walk from Juapong to Akosombo for a justifier was seen as a 'small boy' due to his stature, narrating the event, Deladem had earned the praised from his team mates with the name tag 'maestro' bestowed on him.

"At Krystal Palace, they saw me as a small boy because of my looks, they were like I should go join the junior side. After the game, the Division 1 players were calling me 'maestro', they were all surprised of my play despite my 'smallish nature'. Going all the time from Juapong to Akosombo was difficult because, I had to walk, sometimes returning becomes a problem. I got beaten by rain three times while trecking from  Akosombo back to Juapong."

Asked by the host, Raymond Kudjoe Tsiagbe how big Nkoranza Warriors as compared to any team from Volta Region, Kanté had this to say;

"Nkoranza Warriors is now a popular club or a team, they only came into the limelight in the last two seasons, after Nkoranza Warriors sold Kwame Poku to Kotoko, who now plays in Algeria. The team became very popular afterwards, the likes of Emmanuel Sarkodie of Kotoko, Isaac Mensah of Hearts of Oak etc have made Nkoranza Warriors become very famous in Ghana Football"

Despite not having the best of season due to injuries, Kojo  Deladem never allowed failure to be part of his name, battling with time to be playing consistently after suffering from a life threatening injury made it the darkest moment for him as a player.

"In one of the pre-seasons friendly, I came from the bench and just within ten minutes, I had a knock from a tackle and that was all. Initially I didn't even know my bone was broken, I felt pains anytime I kick a ball, it continued until I couldn't bear the pains. My manager, Mr. George Kumeko spent a lot and had to arrange with our CEO for me to see a doctor in Kumasi, I was in a POP for days. 

Sharing his experiences at Nkoranza Warriors, the astute midfielder who have received a lot of admiration from team mates and the technical team hope to playing in Europe as he wish to play in the English Premier League with his idol Ngolo Kanté.

Kojo Deladem is currently holidaying in Ho after helping Nkoranza Warriors to the 7th position on the Division 1 league log.

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