Adonai Estate golf city to become largest golf course in Ghana


Bright Adonai, C.E.O of Adonai Estate Limited

Sports all over the world has become a major tool for development. Adonai Estate Limited, a fast growing company mainly known in the sales of land in most parts of Volta Region has identified sports as a means of getting in touch with individuals to acquire lands on flexible terms.

On Monday April 3, Adonai Volta Golf Club a subsidiary to the Adonai Estate Limited with the general public including the Media took to the street to embark on a health walk to the Airport Golf City.

The walk in an estimation of time lasted 2hrs after a brief stop over at the Airport junction.

A mamoth crowd who joined in the health walk were filled with satisfaction as tourist site, the 100% prayer answering rock was visited to experience the beautiful scenes. 

The next stop was the golf course. Joy News reporter Fred Quame Asare, in an interview with the C.E O of Adonai Estate Limited, Bright Adonai revealed plans put in place to make the golf course the largest in Ghana.

"We are creating the largest golf course in Ghana, that's the 18 holes. The plan is that, we really want to have sporting activities within the estate"

Talking about sporting infrastructure within the golf city, the young entrepreneur believe one way to achieving the aim of having the largest estate city is to promote sports development, this he said Adonai Estate Limited has plans of building sporting projects within the city to enhance talents for the young ones.

" We believe that we need to live in good health that is what will help us to achieve our plan of building a city, and so we really want to promote sports within the city, so the young ones we believe have the talents, we want to bring them up, that is why we are starting with the Adonai Golf Club"

"We are trying to create the biggest tennis court in the region, that one will be at our other site which is the Leaders City"

The estate when fully completed will boast of restaurants, swimming pool and ultra modern astroturf football pitch and many more.

Adonai Estate limited is a Registered Real Estate Company that has been in operation since 2014 in Ghana. The Company since its operation has been able to sell more than 2000 plots of land in the Volta Region and hence the company serves as Volta Land supermarket.

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