Referees in hundreds thronged the Ho Sports Stadium for fitness test exercise

Volta FA test its referees physically and technically at the Ho Sports Stadium earlier this morning. (Photo credit: EX TV)

In line with the change in refereeing structure by the Ghana Football Association, the Volta Regional Football Association on Saturday morning, April 17 organised fitness test for its referees at the regional level.

The exercise which saw in attendance a number of referees from all quarters, gathered at the Ho Sports Stadium to undergo the fitness test in order to be eligible to handle up coming regional football games.

Referee Instructor, madam Augustine Mama Fugah and her team were present to supervise series of event on the ground.

Referees fitness test started with a warm up session before the 40 meter sprint with both center referees and assistant referees grouped into different categories for similar exercise.

Most referees put up their best to pass the test. A different exercise known as the High Intensive with a run of 75 meters of four times making a lap was carried out. In total, 10 lap completion were ran with some referees who went through this exercise unable to finish.

Speaking to some selected referees who remained unanimous, were optimistic of passing out to enable them officiate the regional games.

"I believe after the exercise, I will pass, I must admit it was very difficult for me running, but along the line, I managed to overcome the fatigue and was able to do the runnings, in all I enjoyed the whole exercise" one referee remarked.

Madam Augustine Mama Fugah, expressed her delight with the exercise having been successful and congratulated the referees for undergoing the fitness test.

"I am happy this exercise happened successfully, kudos to the referees for taking up the challenge, we hope they come out in their best form for the up coming regional games." She said.

The Volta Regional Football Association will announce the referees who passed the fitness test after the team of referee instructors submit the final result.

The Ghana Ambulance Service was at the stadium to provide medical vitals and Covid-19 checks for the referees.

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