Volta Boxing Federation chair claims an A+ for himself despite lack of office space for 6 years in office


Forster Enam Dagadu, Chairman of the Boxing Federation for Volta Region

The chairman of the Volta Regional Boxing Federation, Foster Enam Dagadu has scored himself an A+ with a mark of 82 to 100%.

" I will rate myself A+, from 82 to 100%"

Speaking to the Ho based radio station, Swiss FM on the Thursday edition of Swiss Sports Classic and monitored by 24hourssports.com, the leader of the Boxing Federation boasted of achieving a lot as the regional chairman of the federation by acquiring a boxing ring and other equipments for the region and also, organized boxing bouts to announce the presence of the sport in the region.

"It's been more than half a decade we took over the helm of affairs of boxing discipline in Volta Region, looking at what were in play before we took over, you would realised that, boxing was nowhere to be found in our land Volta, the Executives who were there by then did not put things in place so when we took over, under my leadership, we first organized a boxing bout together with the Amateur boxers and Professional boxers to announce the presence of boxing in the Volta Region which we successfully held at Ho Sports Stadium"

Quizzed by the host, Raymond Kudjoe Tsiagbe whether the Association was able to acquire an office space for its operation since taking over the federation in the region, the Chairman had this to say:

"We don't have an office as a Boxing Federation, everybody who needs us goes to the Sports Authority office, they call us on whatever we need to do, Sports Authority links us and we are able to do it, we don't have an office as federation."

The issue of keeping the boxing ring and other equipment has over the time become a problem for the federation, Enam who was speaking on the issue said the ring was at a point in time kept by the Volta National Sports Authority until when the director of the NSA informed the federation of not able to keep the rings and other boxing equipments.

"The ring was kept at the Ho Sports Stadium under the care of the Regional Sports Authority, but the director made it known to me that, they were not supposed to take care of the ring for us and will not be held responsible should the ring gets a problem or missing"

In response to the resignation that has hit the federation in the region, Enam admitted to only one member who submitted his resignation letter. 

"So far as am concern, only one person on record has resigned and that is the only one I can speak on"

Asked who resigned, Enam who failed to mention a name and the position left vacant believed the Sports Authority was the best to ask.

"I won't mention the name of who resigned, Sports Authority will be in the best position to answer that. The person who resigned did not address the letter to us but to the Sports Authority"

Enam who scored himself a high mark as the leader of the Federation admitted to failing to open a bank account for the federation having bossed the Boxing Federation for 6 years.

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