Volta Football Coaches Association inaugurated


A new day for Volta Football Coaches Association

The Volta Regional branch of the Ghana Football Coaches  Association has been launched at the premises of Pleasure Garden in Ho with its Executive outdoor in a colourful ceremony on Saturday.

Coaches in the region who over the past years has been without an association was formed with the support of the National Executives to ensure Volta Region coaches have a say in their profession as coaches.

In a speech delivered by Coach Abega on behalf of the president of the Ghana Football Coaches Association, commended the efforts by the regional branch to have its association, this he believe will go a long way of the association to have a voice in seeking for the well being of the coaches in the region.

Coach Abega in his speech admonished members of the association to eschew selfishness, greed and other pertinent issues that will bring the association into disrepute.

"As you are all coming under one umbrella and be called the Volta Region Football Association of Coaches, I will encourage you all to be united and avoid being selfish and greedy, these negative attitudes will rather bring the association down and won't be recognised"

Coach Abega who is the National Co-ordinator for the Ghana Football Association of Coaches expressed confidence in the newly inaugurated association in the region and also advised coaches from the region to focus more on the colts football rather than trying coaching the top division teams just to make a name.

" I am hereby advising you as coaches to consider engaging yourselves more with colts football, focus more on the juvenile teams since the president of Ghana Football Association is aiming at investing more in the juvenile football, stop targeting to coach the top division teams just to make a name, make an impact with the juvenile teams since that is were coaching begins"

Representatives from the Volta Regional Football Association, National Sports Authority were present to deliver their speech pledging their support for the newly born association in the region.

Lawyer Kwame Qayson, Secretary of the Ghana Football Coaches Association was present to meet the coaches to deliberate on a number of issues.

Other coaches took turns to share their experiences and thoughts on the way forward as football coaches.

The Executives to steer the affairs of the Volta Regional Football Association of Coaches were also introduced to its members to be recognised as the functioning Executives.

Below is the list of names of the Executives sworn in by the National Co-ordinator for the Ghana Football Coaches Association, Coach Abega.


Chairman - Christopher Tsomafo

Vice Chairman- Anthony Fies

Secretary- Kpewu Simon

Treasurer - Amezah Alex

Welfare - Nana Bodua

Spokesperson-Christian Chibueze

Organizer - Gbadegbe Fafa

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