Swiss Sports presents 'Our Legacy'; a documentary on a renowned sports entrepreneur in the Volta Region

Mr. Joe Ayivor's contribution to sports development has receive many commendation across board.

Sports development has over the time been on the low in the Volta Regional capital, Ho. The lack of finance, human resources and among other things have made it a tough ground in managing sporting activities in the Region.

Swiss sports crew have identified one personality who have tremendously supported the development of sports in the region. His support has benefited the national sports authority, the Regional Football Association, various sporting Associations, athletes and even sports fans.

The crew in a video dubbed 'Our Legacy', collected views from sports administrators, journalists, athlete and fans.

Mr. Joe Ayivor whose effort to see sports in the region develop has over the years supported by donating computers to the National Sports Authority, the Volta Regional Football Association and also, assisting various clubs who qualify to play in the National Div. one League financially and as well, giving out his busses for free to transport these clubs to and fro.

Speaking to the Executive Producer of the fourteen minute documentary, Raymond Kudjoe Tsiagbe indicated the need to honour Mr. Joe Ayivor, stating that, Mr. Ayivor has done a lot for Volta Sports in the region and needed to be established in a video documentary to live long in the minds of the people.

"We as Swiss Sports Crew believe Mr. Joe Ayivor has done so much for the development of sports in the region, to make a video documentary of him, where sampling the views of sports administrators, journalists and athletes is something to help other generation to know and to also live a lasting remembrance in the minds of every one. Mr. Ayivor deserves every commendation and we can only say, God almighty bless him and his family."

Mr. Ayivor in receipt of the video documentary, thank the sports crew for the honour done him, he called on other sports stakeholders to come on board to help develop the sports in the region.

" I am grateful for the honour, it's time we come on board to develop the sports in the region as sports is one major tool to enhance development of the country" he said. has the exclusive honour to premier the video on Monday January 25, 2021 at 10am.

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