Malik Jabir warns GFA of appointing a 'white man' for the Technical Director job

Malik Jabir 

The Ghana Football Association will this week announce a new Technical Director for the Association.

Following the expiration of Francis Oti Akenteng's contract with the association, it opened vacancies for the vacant role, which numerous persons applied across the length and breadth of the country.

The likes of Malik Jabir, Bashir Hayford and others expressed interest in the vacant portfolio but upon final deliberations it decided against appointing a local expert for the job technical director role. 

But former Ghana international, Malik Jabir, who applied for the job, in an interview with Graphic Sports fiercely warned the Football Association from pursuing ambitions of appointing a white man for the job.

"I would never be happy if the position is given to a foreigner. God should never forgive them for creating an opportunity for a white person," 

"No foreigner knows the Ghanaian system today and they wouldn't know where to start from. Our system is not like theirs," he explained.

"We would organize for the next GFA president to be a foreigner, if Ghanaians can't do the work then why should we even choose a native to be the FA president."

"If they think it's only the whites who can do it, then we would also recommend that they (whites) should be the next GFA president," he opined.

It remains to be seen if Malik Jabir will go ahead with his campaign when the appointment is made public in the coming days.


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