I Owe it to my Father- Jordan Ayew

Jordan Ayew credit his father for career development 

Ghana and Crystal Palace striker Jordan Ayew has underscored the massive influence his father has had on his football life in the last few years.

According to him, stepping up to the plate, to replicate his father's successful career hasn't been an easy streak, but slowly he is getting there through the support and guidance of his father.

"My dad has given us so much, in everything, and not only to me, to the whole family, the only way we can say thank you is to perform week in, week out for him to be proud and that's what we try to do.

He stressed that he looks up to other players to learn a thing or two to shape his football career a notch higher but his father tops them all.

"I can't give my dad enough praise, really he's unbelievable and I'm lucky to have a father who knows football." he told SkySports.

Abedi certainly keeps Ayew on his toes. "He doesn't watch the games live because he's a bit too anxious, so they record them and he watches them afterwards," says Ayew.

"Then, when he finished, he briefs me a bit. If I've not done well, he tells me I've not done well. And if I have done well, he still tells me I've not done well."

Ayew recently made history in the English Premier League when he beat the then Ghanaian all time scorer, Leeds United's Tony Yeboah to that record after his goal against Bournemouth FC sealed a two nil victory.

The Ghanaian forward will be looking to hit double figures as he propels his side to fight for an Europe ticket.


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