WAFA Supporters Chairman Debunks calls for Justifies in WAFA

Yohanes Hadzor, Supporters Chairman, WAFA. 

The West African Football Academy has been in the news in recent times for calling out justify your inclusion as measures to beef up their squad.

Despite an official statement from WAFA, some disgruntled elements who sought to fraud the general public have taken to social media to share fake information regarding the call for justifies.

The chairman for the Supporters Union of WAFA, Yohanes Hadzor in an interview he granted 24hourssports.com debunked such publications going round social media of WAFA organizing justify your inclusion program for player recruitment with a cost of GH¢100.

"WAFA is purely a free scholarship academy hence the news is fake and fraudulent so the public should treat it with the contempt it deserves"

Mr. Yohanes further ceased the opportunity to educate the public including the youths, players and player managers about WAFA's policy and procedures governing player requirements.

"WAFA is a free scholarship academy, the club have a due policy and procedures governing player requirements therefore, anyone who wants to work with WAFA should learn, understand and follow the due processes as the policy requires". He stressed.

WAFA as a club in the wake of these fake news being circulated, issued a statement to inform the general public to disregard the news making waves on the internet.

"FAKE! WAFA academy does not sell forms or organize justifies of such nature."

"Also beware of parody accounts on twitter and facebook, management is trying hard to fight the unscrupulous men behind this fraud scheme" the statement said.

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