Grunsah asked to hand over King Faisal to able Hands

Alhaji Karim Grunsah, owner of King Faisal Football Club 

Former King Faisal player, Samuel Osei Kuffour has charged Alhaji Karim Grusah to step aside from his duties at the club and entrust it into the hands of persons who have the requisite skills and experience to man the affairs of the struggling Ghana Premier League outfit.

Kuffour lamented about the state in which his former club, which was a platform to lunch his career into greater heights is currently being administered.

 This comes on the heels of a recent interview made by the bankroller, Alhaji Grunsah that his former prodigies he trained and handed opportunities to them some decades ago have deserted him.

But according Kuffour, who went on from King Faisal to make a huge impact on the local scene as well as the foreign divide disclosed that, together with some of his old team mates, Yussif Chibsah and Ibrahim Tanko offered their unwavering support to help Alhaji but it turn out the other way.

“He knows what I did for the club those days but since then he hasn’t approached. Me, [Ibrahim] Tanko and [Yussif] Chibsah have a conversation every day about King Faisal,”

"We talk about things we can do to help but is Alhaji [Grusah] ready to allow us? We cannot go to Alhaji and say give us King Faisal. It is not possible. Support is different. If you are giving one cedi or two cedis, that is different. If you want me to get involved with the team, we need to sit down and talk properly.”

“Now where is the league and where is King Faisal? Alhaji is 75 years I know. Would Alhaji sit down for people to run King Faisal for him? He will not.  Alhaji should call people who have the knowledge and connection to run the team. Look at Ibrahim Tanko, look at Chibsah, and look at myself. There are a lot of people out there who can help but we cannot just go there and tell him. It doesn’t work like that.” he told Joy FM

Prior to the Ghana premier league suspension, the Kumasi based outfit were languishing at the bottom of the table, having picked no win from 14 games.

By: JasonBannermaan

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