EX TV goes into Partnership Agreement with Eric Eli Adzie

Both parties put pen on paper to sign the MoU 

SWAG Volta chair,  Eric Eli Adzie earlier today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the online TV network, EX TV.

In what was a short ceremony, brought sports journalists from all quarters in the Ho Municipality to witness the event.

Briefing the press, Eric Eli Adzie, also a sports journalist told the journalists gathered the reason behind the partnership

"The Eric Eli Adzie brand alone cannot completely do this and that was the main reason why I took the initial step to agree to this partnership deal from EX TV"

Volta Football Facts which was aimed at revealing past football events and personalities who have played football in the region has been re-branded and named as Volta Sports Facts. This he said will delve into other sporting activities to tell the histories and records made by sports men and women from the region.

"We will cover the entire sporting disciplines in the Volta region, football is not the only sports we do in the region, we are going to do hand ball, atletics, basket ball and a whole lot, all these  are the reasons why we have re-branded the name as Volta Sports Facts, we will do basically every sporting disciplines in the Volta region"

The Production Manager for EX TV, Christian Sowada has reiterated the desire for the online TV portal to partner Eric Adzie. In an interview with 24hourssports.com after the brief ceremony, Christian believes the partnership will help both parties do a lot to tell the success stories and history of Volta sports.

"At EX TV, we believe in partnership, when you look at Volta region, not many are so blessed with financial capacity, so we believe the partnership can help us do a lot"

The concept of Eric's Volta Sports Facts according to Christian Sowada will bring back the past memories of sports personalities who have played in the region and have gone unnoticed

"What Eric is doing, we all know in the past, some people represented Volta region in terms of sports and they have done so well, yet it has gone unpublished or unnoticed, so we thought it wise that, we should get in partnership with him to make it big and also do the audiovisuals side of what he's already doing. EX TV will bring back past pictures, visuals of our heroes"

Volta Sports Facts will be aired every Wednesdays on EX TV.

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