Down the Memory Lane; WAFA Supporters Union Marks 5-0 Mauling over Hearts of Oak

WAFA recorded their highest victory over Hearts of  Oak in the 2017 Ghana Premier league season

June 4th marked a historic 5-0 thrashing against Accra Hearts of Oak in the history of West Africa Football Academy.

In the quest to fight COVID 19 pandemic, the WASU management headed by the supporters president, Mr. Yohanes Hadzor Nugbe  made donations of nose masks to the indigens of Sokpoe, near Sogakope.

Management of the supporters union as well used the opportunity to remind and educate the public on the need to stay safe in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

WAFA's historical journey in perspective. As it stand on this day.

June 4, 2017, Hearts of Oak was humiliated by WAFA Academy SC, suffered their worst league defeat, 5-0 at Sogakope on day 17 in Ghana League since 1956/1957 season

Goals By:
Majeed Ashimeru (1)
Abdul Ibrahim (1)
Daniel Lomotey (2x)
Abubakari Ibrahim (1)

Remembering June 4th vividly As follow is some experience shared during the celebration by Mr. James Avedzi a Professional journalist at Freedom fm 88.1 Sogakope.


It was a rainy Sunday morning prior to the game in the afternoon. The afternoon was still drizzling, windy and chilling, creating a very good atmosphere for the game at 3pm.

I remember the journey from the WAFA junction to the entrance of the stadium was one of the longest short trips I have ever made. The road was soaked, muddy and slippery, with cars getting stuck, motorbikes miendering their ways through, and those trekking on foot, hopping from one stone afloat to the other.

Even the visiting team Acrra Hearts of Oak was not spared the woes of the struggle. They also got their team bus stuck in the mud and I was told they had to walk to the stadium. (I guess that is where their bad day begun) Well, I don't know how many days it took WAFA to get the bus back to their visitors though.

At this moment we were now convinced beyond every reasonable doubt that there is no way we could send our car to the entrance so we created our own packing lot somewhere. My boss and I, together with his family and his wife who was carrying her less that a year old baby had to do the rest of the journey by foot.

I remember we got to a point about some few inches to the gates when one private car who was struggling to free itself from the grips of the sticky muddy grounds, splashed a good amount of the sticky stinking dirty muddy water on my boss's wife and the baby. Well, the rest is history; cos in the joy of the moment, we just laughed it off... (that is the power of football for you)

Look, by the time we got into the stadium, every single seat was full; meanwhile, it was about some 12mins to kick off. At this point, I knew it was everybody for himself (the theory of 'survival of the fitters' if you like!)

Here, I managed to get a place for my boss and family, and dashed quickly to join my big brother Oscar Kwabena Frimpong Atsu in the commentary arena. It was a good feeling to join the likes of Benedict Owusu from Joy FM, and other big guys in the game, from sister stations in Accra, Kumasi and other parts of the country (remember, this is an El-Classico)

Look, it was such an euphoric feeling, when as an amateur, I had to handle the commentary full time (but I believe my listeners on Freedom 88.1Mhz at that time did enjoy it,) while Oscar Kwabena Frimpong joggle between updating several tens of other Twi speaking stations across the country.

Indeed, football cannot be fully enjoyed the morale from a suppoters' union, who are solidly behind the team...and that was exactly what the great Bakpa Youth Club (BYC) under the leadership of my good friend and the 'biiiiiiig' man, Mr. president Yohanes Hadzor Nugbe a.k.a Yozee served as on the day, just like every other time.

It was such a colourful scene to behold when the backs of those beautiful ladies scoops and flattens, elbows meeting at the back simultaneously as they dance to motivate and display our Ghanaian culture to everyone.

But wait, how on earth did this supporters' union - the Great-BYC think that fans will 'accept' the traditional drum and dance; to the usual 'jama' that we all know is what many use to support the game? (maybe I will cook a beautiful article on the uniqueness of the Great-BYC (WASU) among all other supporters unions across the land)

All in all, it was such an amazing experience of a kind. After all, our struggles earlier in the day was awarded bountifully with a stelling performance from the WAFA boys, with an incredibly historic scoreline ( 5 goals to nil.) Kudos to the team and every 'die-hard- WAFA-supporter.'


James Avedzi, Freedom fm

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