Eric Eli Adzie, Sports Journalist and Head of Sports at GBC Volta Star also the PRO for Volta Regional Football Association. 

The Volta Regional Football Association, a subset of the Ghana Football Association that is responsible for regulating football activities in the region, is arguably having one of the finest Public Relations Officer to spearhead its Communication Department.

The Communication Department of the Regional Football Association is vital to send the necessary information to the general public as a measure of ensuring all stakeholders of the game are fed with all the happenings in the regional football circles.

Eric Eli Adzie also known in the media as Adjivic took his turn on the Swiss FM's 2nd edition of the Sports Personality Profile last Saturday.

Eric, a Sports Journalist by profession is currently the Chairman of the Volta chapter of Sports Writers Association of Ghana (SWAG) and also, the head of Sports at the GBC Volta Star in the Ho Municipality. He has nurtured other Sports Journalists to become renowned Sports Journalists the region can boast of.

In an interview by the host, Richard Quainoo, Eric revealed many intriguing stories about how his love for sports begun at a tender age where all he could do was only to contribute to sports program hosted by his mentor Tony Bebli formerly of Volta Premier FM

"I discovered my talent when I was a student at the Ho Technical University, those days, Volta Premier FM look more friendly to we the young ones because they got a lot of content, I was a contributor to their show, there are times Tony Bebli dedicates some few minutes for me to do my own thing"

Eric rose from being a contributor to a show to becoming a Student Volunteer at Volta Premier Fm where he had the chance to work with his mentor Tony Bebli and host other senior journalists at the time.

"I started from Volta Premier as a student volunteer, Tony inspired me I could become a sports journalist, so he (Tony Bebli)  linked me to Institute of Commercial Management based in UK but had a branch in Accra."

Adjivic after completing Ho Technical University in 2009, found himself at GBC Volta Star Radio where he worked as a National Service Person.

"I worked as a Sports Broadcaster under Nana Osei at Volta Star, that 2010, I got enrolled in a media school and after Nana Osei left, I took over and that started the beginning of my journalism career"

It has always been the case where in one way or the other, there comes a challenge or challenges in the life of everyone regardless of the work one may find, in Eric's case, he disclosed the greatest challenge he encountered as a sports journalist during the interview

"The challenges are enormous, the major challenge I had is recognition. The area we found ourselves here in Volta region is very tiny, you do all the work but will not get the recognition you deserve. Language barrier was also a problem for me, I was the only person who runs English commentary on Adom FM and other Twi speaking radio stations even before the likes of Micheal Oduro coming to Kpando to learn skills of English commentary."

"I schooled in a more or less Akan community, but never had the intention to learn the Akan language. The guys will call me and are like I should leave Volta region for Accra, they felt when I leave this zone,  I would have done more but the language barrier became a challenge which I could have over come"

The ambition of Eric Eli Adzie becoming a lawyer was short lived as his career rather turned out to be a sports journalist.

Eric has become a godfather after having other sports journalists passing through his hands with one known as Tilda Elinam Acolor winning the Volta sports journalist of the year 3 times in a row.

Others include Randy Edudzi Ahadzie, Gideon Seshie, etc.

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