Both Richisio and Mourinho proved their mettle on who is who over the FIFA 20 game console 

Two Sports Broadcasters  took to playing FIFA 20 soccer game to settle the scores on who is the master of the console on  Sunday night, April 19.

An initiative from Sizla1 Entertainments  made this happened as Richard Quainoo of Swiss FM threw up the challenge to contest Christian Chibueze  also from Global FM/ Volta1 TV.

The bragging right was settled when Richard Quainoo known in the media as Richiso beat his fellow sports broadcaster Christian Chibueze also known as Mourinho in a 3-1 encounter.

A best of 5 game ensued between the two contenders, seeing Richiso winning the first game out of 5 in a 3-2 win.

Mourinho came stronger in the second game to record an emphatic 4-1 victory.

The third game went on penalties after a pulsating 2-2 draw. Richiso rose to the occasion to win in a penalty shootouts. Richisio found himself in a 2-1 comfortable lead after the 3rd game of the night to send shivers down the spine of Mourinho.

Mourinho after leading 2-0 in the first half of the fourth game, threw away the lead as Richiso with a superb comeback equalized in the 2nd half resulting in a 2-2 draw after the 90'.

The extra time of the fourth game saw Richiso scoring his 3rd goal to end the whole contest wining Mourinho 3-1 in all best of 5 games of the FIFA 20 soccer game contest.

Richisio representing Swiss FM was crowned the champion as Mourinho who was on the ticket of Global FM and Volta 1 TV conceding defeat after the game.

Mourinho after the defeat has called for a rematch on a neutral ground insisting the game was flawed with fans of Richisio assisting him in the contest. It is however not certain if Richisio would accept the call for a rematch.

This is the first of its kind in the region as two radio personalities took to playing FIFA 20 soccer game to determine who is really the master of the console.

Other renowned sports pundits such as Raymond Tsiagbe, Francis Lanyoh and Eric Eli Adzie of GBC Volta Star as the host, were ably in attendance to grace the occasion.

Media partners includes Sizla1 Entertainment and
The event was sponsored by Fruity Cup.

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