Alex Aso plays for Inter Allies in the Ghana premier league as a forward. 

"Football is called 'The Beautiful Game'. For a reason, it doesn't discriminate, it doesn't put limitations on talent and most importantly it's the reason hope is alive for millions of youngsters around the world.

The history of this sport is littered with examples of athletes coming from the most humble of backgrounds and making it big in the world."

Like they say, football is a game of passion, the excitement it brings to its followers is enough to make one fall in love with the game forever.

Alex Aso, born 20th October, 1999 started his playing career as a footballer in a rather difficult manner.

Having landed in the capital of Ho in 2017, the young footballer without a home, took to the street of Ho for survival. With no place to sleep, Alex and his brother resorted to the Ho central market as their sleeping place, a determined Aso defied all odds against the hardships.

The young talented player at dawn, jogs on a long distance to keep fit and on one of his usual jogging, came in contact with coach Christopher Tsomafo, also known as 'Togovi' who then was the Head coach of Home Stars football club.

In a personality profile segment on Swiss FM Sports Round-Up on Saturday March 28, the player narrated his story from being a street boy to becoming a Premier league player.

"I came to Ho in January 2017, when I came, I did not know anybody, I have no place to stay, so I have to lodge at the market and the Ho lorry station"

"I slept at the market with my brother for 3 months, from there, we had to find a place to train, early morning, when we wake up, we walk around to find any park where people train. We could not find any park around for the first 3 days, so my brother and I will jog to keep fit"

Aso hugely impressed in the 2018 Volta Regional Middle League for Home Stars football club and after having a short stint with the division 2 side, a benevolent Mr. Joe Ayivor, also known as 'Afe lotto' decided to manage him.

Same year in 2018, Alex Aso was sent to Cedar Stars, a feeder side of Inter Allies. Like they say, talent is a natural phenomenon, Aso after impressing in the Inter Allies Youth Academy got his promotion to the senior team.

The host, Richard Quainoo sought to find out how he made it to Home Stars.

"I started going to Police Depot Park to do some physicals, I joined a group of players who were under justify, I met Togovi who invited me to his team, Home Stars."

Alex Aso became a household name after his impressive performance with Home Stars FC

He has become an instant hit for the Premiership side, Inter Allies. The budding striker has since saw 12 out of 14 league games for Inter Allies with two assists to his credit.

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