Hon. Prosper Pi-Bansah MCE, Ho. 

Ho Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Prosper Pi-Bansah has advised players of Vora Football Club to work hard towards achieving something great for themselves and not to be money conscious.

Speaking at the launching of defunct Voradep football club now Vora FC on Monday 24, he expressed his joy having to know the club is back to life again.

In his Address to the players, he emphasized them to avoid taking bribes to influence matches.

"The likes of Asamoah Gyan worked hard to reach where he is now, I am therefore advising you as players not to put money before play, work hard and you will be appreciated. We have heard many times in the past how footballers take bribes from the opposing teams to influence games, when all these happens, the management will give up on you and your career as a footballer will be in shambles. I will encourage you to play the ball well, and the 'nokofio' will come"

Hon. Pi-Bansa promised to throw his support behind Vora FC. He further challenged the playing body and the management team to work hard to bring back the fans to watch their games as it was in the days of Voradep FC.

"Voradep had lots of supporters and I want both the management and playing body to work hard to bring fans to the stadium like it used to be. Supporters fill the Ho Sports Stadium, pay and watch the players train. I want to see that kind of energy again".

Vora football club as part of their launch, on Tuesday, organised free health screening to the general public and on Wednesday, cleaned some of the principal streets in Ho township. There will be donations to the Ho Central Prisons to climax the official launch of Vora football club.

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