Elvis Fred Mantey Chairman, Diamond FC 

The Ghana Football Association has opened doors for prospective applicants who are interested to file a nomination to be elected on the Regional Exco and the District Chairmanship positions.

The chairman and bankroller of Diamond FC, a Division three football club in the Ho Municipality, Mr. Elvis Fred Mantey has revealed his decision to run  for any of the positions available.

In a phone interview on Swiss FM yesterday, Elvis who doubles as a Pharmacist confirmed his interest to contest but said was yet to decide which one to run.

" Yes I have thoughts of contesting any of these positions, but for now,  I have not decided on one yet. I'm still pondering over the two. So I can confirm that yes, I have thoughts of running one of these positions"

The roadmap for RFA Exco and District elections will be coming off. Several names have popped up to contest for the positions available.

Ho Municipal Football has seen tremendous improvement in recent times when the newly elected RFA chair was the head. It is the hope of everyone that, whoever takes over will push the interest of the Division Three (3) to the next level.

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  1. Eric Selasi (Prestige FC)10 January 2020 at 07:05

    Per the criteria, am of the view that you have all the qualities to aspire as HMFA District Chairman

    Just map your strategies very well and you shall be very victorious.


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