Home Stars staged a protest against Adidome Stars in the just ended FA Cup play off match at the Ho Sports Stadium.

Aftermath of the preliminary stages of the FA cup played between Home Stars and Unity Stars (all division 2 teams) has seen a dramatic turn where Home Stars took to a protest to seek for a board room qualification to play in the FA cup.

A case against Unity Stars was presented to the RFA during the regional football Middle League.

It happened that, Unity Stars went on to Appeal the case at the GFA where they lost and were subjected to a fine. It has come to light, according to the management of Unity Stars that, payment of the fine as regulated in the status of the GFA regulations has been paid.

Unity Stars won the play off of the FA cup against Home Stars at the Ho Sports Stadium to get the bid of playing in the FA Cup tournament.

Reports coming in indicates that, Home Stars has protested against the Central Tongue side of not paying the fine as expected of them.

In an interview with the team manager on Swiss FM Sports show yesterday afternoon, Mr. Atsu Kwadey believed Unity Stars has the evidence to show payment of the fines, insisting the club is not worried about the protest against them.

" There was an issue of protest regarding the game we played against Home Stars, they had a protest against us during the Middle League which we lost at the RFA and we had an Appeal at the GFA which we lost and by the Regulation of the GFA we are supposed to pay, which we paid the fine to the GFA and RFA; we have evidence of receipt of payment to those fines and so we don't have any case"

Home Stars have failed the second time to play in the FA Cup with the first having had Likpe Heroes eliminating them in similar fashion.

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