Kurt Edwin Simeon-Okraku, GFA President. 

Sportsbiggesthint has reached out to the newly elected president of Ghana Football Association (GFA), Mr. Kurt Edwin Simeon-Okraku in a whatsapp chat to find out more on his plans and the way forward for Ghana football. Sit back and enjoy the exclusive chats.

Abbreviations of characters:
M. N: Manasseh Ned
K. O: Kurt Okraku.

M. N: Good evening sir, and thanks for accepting to have this whatsapp chat with me.

K.O: Good evening and welcome.

M. N: let me also use this opportunity to congratulate you on winning the hot contest of the GFA presidential election.

K. O: Oh thanks, I'm grateful, thanks to you and other media guys as well, my team and I are eternally grateful.

M. N: Sir, I would like to first ask, what will be the areas you would first tackle as the FA president now that you have won?

K. O: Smiled! Well thanks, I have a lot of things in mind, but generally, the national league has my attention, you will agree that, for some periods now, our league has not been active as it should be, so that will be one area, division 1 league can't be left out, and of course when the various ad hoc committees are formed, we will surely make out something. Again, the regional football is at heart and as well as the grassroot or colts football too, these areas are major concerns for me to tackle within my first year in office.

M. N: Our National teams hasn't been the best either, with the latest mishap of our local senior team, the Black Stars not able to qualify for CHAN next year, what is your take on that?

K. O: Yes, every nation's pride in football at the top most level is certainly the senior national team, I have plans of ending the long awaited trophy drought, I am highly committed to bringing out lasting solutions to unravel these inconsistencies in our national teams, there will be committees formed and these committees will take care of all the various national teams. It's sad that our local Black Stars could not qualify, but things will be better next time.

M. N: You said you have plans, what are these plans that will make our national teams to start winning trophies, could it be match fixing? (laugh out loud)

K. O: Hahaha, it can't certainly be match fixing, there are systems, measures that can be adopted to win matches and trophies like having to call up players with merits, motivating players not with monies, but having the nation at heart, there are a lot we can do but not with match fixing. Far from that.

M. N: Ghanaians will be happy to see you sack Kwasi Appiah as the Black Stars coach.

K. O: Kwasi Appiah is still under contract with the GFA, we must get that, on the issue of sacking him because of his performance, I think we need to maintain him till the end of his contract, if we are to sack him now, it means we as a country or the GFA or the ministry of Sports must pay Kwasi a compensation fee, I'm not sure this is right, besides the decision to sack Kwasi does not solely lie on me, the Executive Council will have to meet and decide, the majority decision will be taken, however I am also aware that, his contract will end this December, if that is right, why sack him now when it's almost December.

M. N: So he will no longer be Black Stars coach after end of December?

K. O: I didn't say that, but if he (Kwasi) won't be the Black Stars coach again after December, it means, the Executive Council will have to take such decision, perhaps he can be made to re apply with other interested coaches who want to be Ghana coach, that's how it will be, but I can't say here and now that, he will be our coach or not after the end of his contract.

M. N: The past administration secured a 10 million dollar sponsorship for the Ghana premier league, in as much as the league could not see the end of the first phase of the contract for the 5yrs period of the sponsorship, and having the NC engaged in a contracditory communication about whether the money for sponsorship is there or not, what will be the way forward for your administration, to let go of that sponsor and seek for a new one or what?

K. O: I'm sure you talking about Zylofon cash sponsor, well, we all knew there was such a contract between the then administration and the zylofon company, I'm aware of that, but I can't tell the details enough because, I have just assumed office of the GFA presidency, we will check through and see where it was left off, if the need to continue with the sponsor or not, or it must called for a review, we will check on that, but as a matter of fact, we know the owners of zylofon cash is also the owner of menzgold, and we know what has happened to menzgold so we will check it out and see the way forward, the FA will look for sponsors for the league, we don't  need just a sponsor, we will have investors coming in to help.

M. N: Sir, I know I can't hold you for too long here since it's almost about 11pm. But before you go, what do you have for the general public and the media.

K. O: I want to thank everyone for the support, I want to thank my opponents as well, we all did a good work prior to the election, at the end, a winner is determined, I need everyone on board to put Ghana football where it belongs, I will welcome all manner of criticisms but mostly the constructive ones, the media should also come on board with their criticisms so we can build Ghana football.

M. N: Just as I thought I asked my last question, I would finally ask this, what do you make of our women's football in the country, is the standard befitting?

K. O: Our women's football needs a lot of improvement, they have not got that, I'm looking for a worthy sponsorship for a competitive national league for them, and I know, it's possible with the support of the media and all stakeholders.

M. N: Thank you sir, God bless and good night.

K. O: Welcome my brother.


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