Fred Pappoe, GFA presidential  aspirant. 

As the much anticipated GFA election is drawing nigh, all aspirants have had the opportunity to tell delegates and all football fans what they should be expecting.

Mr. Fred Pappoe, a former vice president of the GFA believes, a leader must accept every kind of criticisms. He explained that, criticisms both constructive and destructive will help a leader to sit up and work as expected. The Board Member of Accra Great Olympics indicated that, a leader must accept criticisms at all times.

" A leader must accept criticisms, a leader who does not welcome criticisms either constructive or destructive is bound to fail. I will be a listening president of the association football. That is the beauty of democracy."

Asked whether the media will have a role in his administration if he wins, the experienced football administrator was quick to say, the media has a major role to play.

"Yes, the media will always have a role to play, the association cannot work without the media, we need the media in order to work, so it is important we create the enabling environment with the media so there can be free flow of information to the general public"

Papsey, as he is wildly known in the football circus added that, Mr. Kwasi Nyantekyi did not create that friendliness with the media thus resulted to a high level of corruption perception by the media against him.

"What happened was that, Mr. Nyantekyi and the then GFA failed to create a media friendly environment, it resulted to series of perception by major media houses that the GFA was corrupt and eventually, resulted in the exposè. If Mr. Nyantekyi was able to relate well with the media, there wouldn't be the need of the exposè" he said.

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